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It’s fair to say Scotland has produced more than it’s fair share of innovators over the years. John Logie Baird developed the world’s first practical, publicly demonstrated television system, whilst Alexander Graham Bell is credited as inventing the first practical telephone. All this before we consider Alexander Fleming (penicillin), Robert Watson-Watt (RADAR), Charles Macintosh (waterproofing), Ian Wilmut & Keith Campbell (the guys who cloned Dolly the sheep), John Shepherd-Barron (ATM), John Loudon McAdam (tarmac) and countless other Scottish innovators who have helped make the world what it is today.

There has been quite a startup revolution in the last few years in Scotland; more and more people are choosing entrepreneurship instead of traditional employment. Some Scottish entrepreneurs have achieved success on an international scale. Companies such as FanDuel, Rockstar North (makers of Grand Theft Auto), and SkyScanner are proof of our high quality entrepreneurship. Scotland is quickly becoming a world-renowned startup hub.

Founded X is a leading startup platform, curating the most innovative startups with the iconic Scottie Dog logo as the most recognisable symbol for Scottish startups. With a global mission to uncover local startup scenes worldwide, Founded X is active in nearly 100 countries for maximum reach within even the most remote startup ecosystems.

As part of Founded X, we aim to highlight innovative startups with Scottish roots and showcase our nation’s latest entrepreneurial ventures. We also wish to inspire people within our nation to see what’s possible, and to honour the Scottish entrepreneurs who have pursued their own venture instead of staying in the safe-zone of employment.

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What do all these companies have in common?
1) They were founded in Scotland in the 21st century.
2) They have the ambition to transform their industry.
3) The founders enjoy a deep-fried Mars® bar now and then.

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