Why should I submit my startup to Founded in Scotland?
Because all startups on Founded in Scotland are awesome. But there are a few other reasons that might interest you:

• Your startup is recognised as one of the most innovative startups in Scotland (and the world)
• Global visibility and exposure on the Founded in Scotland platform to showcasing your startup
• Opportunities to form unique S2S (Startup2Startup) relations around the world
• Exclusive opportunities and deals with worldwide partners
• Clicks to your website from the targeted audience of Founded in Scotland
• Mentions on our social channels once you're startup is added to the list
• Access to the Founded X community network on Slack

How can I get my startup listed on Founded in Scotland?
Fill out this form. If the startup hasn't already been submitted, it will be queued for review. Note that not every company will be added automatically on the homepage, as lots of startups are submitted each week.

How long does it take before my startup gets posted?
Normally, 1-3 days. Follow us on Twitter – we tweet every time a new startup is listed on Founded in Scotland.

How much does it cost?
£10. This supports the costs of continuing and developing the initiative.

Why wasn't my startup submission accepted?
Your startup probably doesn't meet the required criteria:

1. It must have been founded in Scotland in the 21st century, and
2. You must have the ambition to transform your industry, and
3. You must enjoy a deep-fried Mars® bar now and then.

My startup matches all of the criteria, but it's still not on the list. Why?
Are you sure you didn't submit a hobby project, some fatuous idea or just an obscure blog (we get a lot of those)? If after 1 month we still haven't posted your startup and it definitely matches all of the criteria, it may be the case we found the quality of your idea or the design of your website landing page just isn't a good fit.

My startup is listed. Now what?
Awesome! This means you’re among the most innovative and pioneering startups founded in Scotland. Now you can spread the word on social channels and connect with other amazing startups in the worldwide FoundedX community.

My company wasn't founded in Scotland. What can I do?
We're part of the global FoundedX community; check it out to find your local ‘Founded in’ list.

How can I get my startup at the top of the list?
Submit this short form. Note: your startup must be added to the list before being eligible for a featured spot. If it's not on the list yet, Submit your startup now.

How can I contribute?
That’s great, we’re always looking for people with amazing ideas who are keen to make them happen. So if you to want add, build or improve something drop us a message at contact@foundedinscotland.com

I have another question. Who should I contact?

Who is behind Founded in Scotland?
ISFX. After discovering Founded in Holland, we learned about the international FoundedX community and offered our help with a Scottish list. We are passionate about innovative startups and loved the idea of putting together a showcase of our nation’s latest entrepreneurial ventures.

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